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Social climate audit, certification assistance, analysis of practices, CSR coaching, image study. We support you in these issues.

Corporate Social Responsibility is the implementation of sustainable development on a company scale. It consists of integrating environmental protection into their operations and taking initiatives in the social field.

Behind these relatively simple objectives lies a range of actions and values that can be adapted to suit your needs. Find out what your company can do in terms of CSR.


of our studies include CSR issues
contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals on average in our studies
internally driven sustainability projects each year

Social climate audit : 

The internal social climate audit provides a snapshot of the social state of your company. The challenge is to evaluate the vision that your employees have of all aspects of social life within your company, thus enabling you to anticipate social crises and identify areas for improvement.

Our tools?

  • Employee survey using a questionnaire to gauge their well-being in the company
  • Interview with managers
  • Environmental survey

CSR coaching :

The CSR coaching offered by ESCadrille introduces all stakeholders to the fundamentals of sustainable development. The aim is to take stock of your knowledge in terms of CSR and sustainable development, in order to offer you training adapted to the needs of your teams.

Our method :

  • General training on all aspects of sustainable development
  • Training adapted to the CSR strategy implemented in your company

Analysis of practices:

The analysis of traceability practices involves two stages: analysis of the products regularly used within the company, and analysis of the practices that enable these products to be transported to the company.

This analysis allows us to make strategic and operational recommendations in order to reduce the environmental impact of the company’s activity, as well as to improve its practices while respecting the company’s financial situation.

Our method :

  • Listing of supplies/products/raw materials used within the company
  • Analysis of the delivery and procurement practices of these products
  • Recommendations for new, more responsible practices in line with the company’s financial situation

Adapted sustainability strategy :

After taking stock of your company’s sustainable development practices and conducting a social climate audit of your stakeholders, it is important to develop a sustainable strategy.

  • Establishment of sustainability indicators / reporting
  • Establishment of gradual objectives in accordance with the company’s governance
  • Introduction to CSR regulations
  • Choice of labels that will allow the company’s CSR performance to be recognised