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Marketing analysis in 2019

Knowing your market is an essential step for any business leader or entrepreneur when he wants to offer a new product or start his own business. Indeed, otherwise, sailing blind in an environment that is constantly changing and full of uncertainties is detrimental to the sustainability of the project.

However, the goal of knowing your market is not only to launch a product or service, but also to adapt your image with your target consumers in order to maintain a positive image, an important component to distinguish yourself from the competition.

In fact, knowing your market means being able to answer these questions:"What prospects for your company?","Am I well perceived by your consumers?" and finally "How to enter a new market? »

L’étude de marché au service du pilotage de votre stratégie marketing

Market research to manage your marketing strategy

Many projects fail because they did not carry out a sufficiently comprehensive market study.

Market research makes it possible to better understand the market and its environment, to determine the viability of a project or to define the strategy to be implemented in relation to the results. A market study is generally divided into three parts that deal with a specific focus such as demand, market and competition analysis.

The study of demand makes it possible to target customers and assess potential demand, in particular through profiling but also by identifying decision-making processes such as obstacles and motivations. Thus, you have a profile of your potential customers: knowing their customers means anticipating their expectations. The market analysis makes it possible to probe potential competitors and demand for the product. The aim is to measure the chances of success and market potential. Finally, the competition study allows you to understand the advantages of competitors through semi-directive interviews or documentary research so that you can make the most of their strategy to implement yours.

All these results after analysis lead to operational recommendations that will give you the keys to enter a market and benefit from it.

Supporting an entrepreneur in the launch of his business

Alexandre MAGNAT, an entrepreneur with an innovative project, contacted ESCadrille to be helped in the creation of his own company, YOUSTITI. It was the first time he called on us.

His project? Partner with various recreational sites to install a network of cameras linked to an application. People attending these locations will therefore be able to subscribe to the YOUSTITI offer via their smartphone. They will be detected by the cameras and will thus have the opportunity to have access to a souvenir film, automatically made from the different shots.

Mr. Magnat turned to ESCadrille to conduct a market study to measure the potential demand for his video service. The methodology of the study was divided into an administration of questionnaires and then an analysis of the data collected in order to best advise Mr. Magnat on his market positioning.

Cerner les attentes de ses consommateurs avec l'étude de satisfaction

Identify consumer expectations with the satisfaction survey

Knowing the opinion of your customers for a given product or service helps to maximize their satisfaction and ultimately build their loyalty.

The satisfaction study is a synthesis of the customers' feelings following an experience with a product or service. It makes it possible to know the causes of dissatisfaction or satisfaction in order to guide the company's strategy.

Following the quantitative analysis of the questionnaires administered to the target, the operational recommendations provide suggestions for improvement such as: how to adapt communication to avoid gaps between customer expectations and results, or how to reorganize the product or service offer. These are concrete ways to improve the customer experience and satisfaction.

Realization of a satisfaction study for the International Fair of Toulouse

For the past 5 years, ESCadrille has been carrying out a satisfaction study for the Toulouse International Fair, a major event that attracts nearly 100,000 visitors from all over the world, and our client's objective is to organize an event that will please as many people as possible every year.

The challenge of the study that ESCadrille conducts annually is therefore to determine visitor satisfaction and identify their expectations in order to optimize the edition from year to year. If we have been able to build customer loyalty, it is thanks to two assets that contribute to the success of this mission, namely the responsiveness of our Junior-Entrepreneurs and ESCadrille's proximity to the event.

Each year, we capitalize on our experience in order to better control our client's problems. As for our proximity, it allows us to better understand the environment of the Foire Internationale de Toulouse by being in direct contact with visitors, for example, and to propose relevant recommendations to our client.

Faire un état des lieux avec l'étude de perception

Make an inventory with the perception study

A brand with a strong reputation and an image appreciated by the population is the key to success. With the perception study you can obtain a synthesis of the knowledge of the brand and the targets reached by your communication strategy. It makes it possible to collect positive or negative associations made against your brand, product or company, the values they convey and the positioning vis-à-vis the competition.

All these analyses make it possible not only to guide your communication strategy, but also to improve your relations with your environment (customers, suppliers, partners, local and national authorities, etc.), thanks to our recommendations resulting from the perception analyses.

Case of a perception study for a multinational public transport company

ESCadrille carried out a study for a large group to evaluate the perception by users of a new autonomous means of transport deployed in Toulouse. The study identified areas for improvement in the shuttle and its deployment based on feedback from users.

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