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Digital transformation in 2019

Digital transformation is the transition to digital solutions to meet needs and problems that were previously addressed by traditional solutions. She thus refers to the changes necessary to integrate new technologies into her professional environment.

The purpose of this transition is to increase performance through automation or the use of artificial intelligence. The human being is at the centre of the work since it reduces repetitive, painful and low-value tasks. Discover the challenges of digital transformation and our support in digital strategy.

Les enjeux de l'ère numérique

The challenges of the digital age

Nowadays, digital technology is often referred to as a miracle solution, in fact, when used in a relevant way, it makes it possible to meet many of the challenges of the 21st century. The first challenge is economic since digital technology makes it possible to increase performance and open up your company to new opportunities: it is a source of growth.

Secondly, society, since new technologies are nowadays disrupting the organization of work and moving towards a more horizontal organization where each employee must be able to adapt quickly to the various upheavals and changes that surround it.

And finally environmental in the sense that digital technology provides direct alternatives to activities with a high ecological footprint, but also new ways of approaching the material environment.

A methodology adapted to your projects

ESCadrille offers a digital transformation methodology that is totally customized to your needs and adapted to your company. The framework followed is generally as follows: we carry out an audit to assess your progress in the digital transition. This audit will allow us to better address your needs, it is a crucial moment when we collect the necessary data for quality support. After having assessed this audit, we analyse the various possible solutions to meet your problems and we advise you on the most relevant ones for your project.

Our support can even extend to the operational deployment of certain solutions through our IT partners and we offer training for all recommended tools.

Bénéficier de l'expertise d'ESCadrille

Benefit from ESCadrille's expertise

Using ESCadrille means benefiting from 41 years of technological and innovation monitoring. Composed only of students and therefore of new generations, the firm is constantly immersed in new technologies. We take advantage of the various projects with our new perspective and our critical aspect. Whether it is a question of strategic monitoring, for example on Industry 4.0, or design thinking workshops in collaboration with our customers, there are many forms of support.

Développer sa PME sur des supports numériques

Developing your SME on digital media

French VSEs and SMEs are particularly lagging behind in their transition to the digital age, which represents a huge loss of revenue for them. Thus, according to a recent Deloitte study, 2 out of 3 SMEs do not have a website, compared to 3 out of 4 in Europe, while on the other hand, online sales have accounted for 40% of sales growth in France in recent years. ESCadrille is aware that the transition to digital is not easy and that is why we offer solutions for very small and medium-sized businesses in order to develop their online activity, build an activity on social networks or even digitalize production and supply chain processes.

Make your company data-driven and analyze your performance with web analytics

Being able to analyze the performance of your digital platforms and draw conclusions to adapt your communication campaigns and media is a real boon for your company. But entering this world of « big data » is not for everyone and the complexity of some tools can sometimes be confusing.

If you use social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin or if you monitor the performance of your site through analytical tools such as Google Analytics or New Relic ESCadrille can support you by conducting an audience audit over a given period. We link these analyses with your communication actions and the quality of your media and networks in order to better advise you on the actions to be implemented to improve yourself.

ESCadrille also makes it a point of honour to support professionals who do not know how to set up these tools, or how to use them. This is why we offer you a complete and personalized training offer in web analytics and these tools.

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