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Human resources challenges in 2019

Human resources management in companies today is facing unprecedented upheavals and new imperatives:

  • - A new work culture : the management of individual but above all collective skills is necessary, requiring a rethinking of the traditional structures (vertical and hierarchical).
  • - The search for flexibility : 70% of managers who introduced more flexible working methods noticed an increase in productivity (Efficonnect), so developing a strategy for human capital flexibility is essential.
  • - The diversity of missions : according to a 2018 Deloitte study, two thirds of people under 35 years of age want to leave their companies by 2020. Companies to reduce their turnover must therefore increase career opportunities and the diversity of missions within the company.
  • - Digital transformation : digital has proven to be effective in terms of organization and leads to greater productivity. It breaks silos and redefines everyone's missions and roles, but employees can also be resistant to change.
  • ESCadrille accompanies you to seize all opportunities and make an efficient transition.

Eliminez les risques de rupture avec un audit de climat social

Eliminate the risk of a break with a social climate audit

A break between a company's employees is never a good thing and can lead to a deterioration in your economic performance, but also in your company's image with its customers and the public.

ESCadrille supports you on this issue through a social climate audit to obtain a picture of the social state of your company or department. We assess employees' perception of all aspects of social life within their missions, thus making it possible to anticipate social crises and identify areas for improvements/strong>.

The objective is to understand the causes of a change in the social climate, to understand the threats and opportunities and thus help the general and departmental management in their governance, to build a social dialogue that puts human resources at the heart of the processes.

Create a work environment that is conducive to all generations

New technologies are constantly revolutionizing the world of work, and human resources are no exception. New generations are particularly affected by these changes and their relationship to work have considerably changed. The integration into the world of work of these generations, who have different behaviours from previous ones (desire for autonomy and flexibility, strength of proposals, etc.), leads to an integration that is less gradual.

Today more than ever, it is necessary to create a working environment that encourages dialogue and allows all generations to flourish.

ESCadrille, a firm composed solely of students, offers customized and adapted solutions for intergenerational management issues, which can take the form of intergenerational climate audits, training, workshops or design thinking workshops.

Recruter ses collaborateurs

Recruiting your employees

Recruiting is a financial investment but also an operational one: it is necessary to examine the economic counterpart that the employee will bring. But it is also a strategic and delicate act of management, responding to the company's immediate and future needs. Finally, recruitment is a human approach that involves risks. Indeed, recruiting means giving responsibilities, changing the internal climate with new employees, new risks and opportunities…

Thus, recruitment support can be judicious in many cases. Recruitment consulting extends from job definition, structural consulting, to the definition of the required profile and the presentation of the appropriate candidate. The support offered is complete and can therefore extend over several phases such as the negotiation phase and the trial period.

ESCadrille offers in particular:

  • - To develop recruitment methods;
  • - To take part in the recruitment process and propose to the client company three or four candidates.

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