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Problems encountered by entrepreneurs

Embracing entrepreneurship is a difficult decision to make because of the uncertainty about the potential and future of the project. Especially since according to INSEE 49.5% of companies disappear 5 years after their creation.

The main causes of the failure identified are related to the lack of financing which prevents the project from being fully developed, poorly targeted consumers who do not correspond to the offer or an unfavourable economic situation for the launch of the product. So who would blindly embark on such a project?

Booster le lancement de son projet grâce au Business Plan

Boosting the launch of your project through the Business Plan

The Business Plan is the starting point for your business creation since it allows you to have a coherent development strategy and business model. This document is used to support a funding request to develop your project.

The Business Plan is a document that allows you to present the ins and outs of a project in a simple and effective way. It reflects the strategic and financial viability of the project, provides an outline for developing the company and reports on its ability to support a loan.

Our methodology for carrying out this study is as follows: first of all, an analysis of the market, the macroeconomic environment and a benchmark of the competition to identify opportunities and risks and enable you to situate your project in the light of market dynamics.

To do this, a first axis focuses on the operating levers to be implemented such as the marketing mix, the legal form to be adopted and a human resources assessment so that you can choose the optimal form and strategy for your company. Finally, the Business Plan ends with a financial analysis with different projections and growth scenarios to give you the keys to present your project to potential investors.

In fact, the Business Plan addresses various issues such as Is the reflection around my project good?", "Which development axes should I focus on?" or "What is the consumer's appetite for my product? ».

Case study : launching an application

ESCadrille has produced a business plan for a start-up in the field of online language learning. The Business Plan provided operational recommendations on the business model to be adopted, after an exhaustive analysis of the market and demand, and a review of the human resources aspect.

ESCadrille analysed the different possible development axes for the project. On the one hand, an analysis of consumer expectations and, on the other hand, a benchmark of the competition in order to identify the offer already present on the market. Thus, the sponsor received recommendations to implement the content strategy of the application and the implementation of a Freemium model. Finally, we provided advice to identify the potential profiles needed to develop the application and maintain the site.

Trouver le lieu idéal grâce à l'étude d'implantation

Choose the ideal place to start your business with the location study

Any activity begins with the choice of a location or a shop. However, how do you choose the right location to house your business? The location study makes it possible to target the most economically favourable location to develop your project. The location study makes it possible to measure the viability and potential of a specific geographical area or location. It provides a perfect understanding of the geographical area and its methods.

Our methodology for carrying out this study is as follows: a study of the targeted locations, i.e. pedestrian and motor vehicle flows, the visibility and accessibility of the site and the economic development of the area. The aim is to understand the environment and give you an overview of the strengths and nuisances of the place. The study of the catchment area, the origin of the customers and their radius of action, as well as the local competition in order to give you an idea of the economic potential of the area.

The location study allows us to answer all your questions regarding the relevance of your choice such as "Will this location not negatively affect the attractiveness of this project for customers?" or" "How to make this land investment profitable? » ».

Case study : implementation of a pharmacy

The sponsor owned a downtown pharmacy with declining sales. In fact, he had been looking for another potential location to move his pharmacy. However, since its current location is strategic, the sponsor wanted to ensure that the new location was equally advantageous.

To do this, ESCadrille carried out a demand profiling of the target area in order to evaluate the demand and their interest in setting up a pharmacy and to measure the economic and commercial potential of the target city centre. The purpose is to provide the sponsor with a precise comparison and analysis of the potential of its current location and target area as well as an estimate of its turnover in the event of relocation.

Why entrust ESCadrille with the launch of my project?

The advantages of ESCadrille can be summarized as follows: more than 41 years of experience in the consulting sector, a fresh look at the problems encountered and attractive prices for professional consulting firms due to our status as a Junior-Enterprise. ESCadrille is a Junior-Enterprise that has been in existence for 41 years now. All these years have allowed us to face a multitude of problems in different sectors and for all types of clients. Thus, each year ESCadrille capitalizes on its studies carried out to improve its processes.

ESCadrille has already won 5 times the prize for the Best Support for Entrepreneurs, which testifies to our quality and credibility to support you in your project. The entrepreneur prize rewards the best French Junior-Enterprise for its professionalism and quality in its support for entrepreneurs. BNP Paribas assesses the quality of the Junior-Enterprise's response to the project leader's problem, client follow-up and the Junior-Enterprise's policy to get closer to stakeholders in the world of entrepreneurship.

Our status as business school students, most of whom come from preparatory classes for the Grandes Ecoles, gives us a fresh perspective on the challenges of the studies we carry out. In this way, we are able to give you operational recommendations that are up to date with the latest market trends. Finally, our status as a Junior-Enterprise and student allows us to offer you competitive prices compared to professional consulting firms.

Une structure avec 40 ans d'expérience

Over 41 years of activity and experience

Prix du Meilleur Accompagnement des Entrepreneurs remporté 5 fois

Best Entrepreneur Support Award
won 5 times

Structure composée d'Etudiants - Regard neuf, innovant et critique

Structure composed of students
from Grandes Ecoles.
A new, innovative and critical look

Do you want to launch a product? Maximize your customers' experience? ESCadrille benefits from the necessary skills thanks to the teachings of Toulouse Business School to support you in your market research.

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