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Why expand internationally

Gaining market share is no longer just a national issue but is now an international one. According to the ICC, in 2018, 84% of SMEs and ETIs said they wanted to increase their turnover through exports. This opportunity allows to diversify its clientele by reaching new markets in Europe or on other continents but also to establish its brand image abroad and thus to gain visibility.

Les opportunités à l'international

International opportunities

Opening up to the international market means opening up new business opportunities with access to new markets and therefore new consumers. However, entering a new market means starting from scratch, facing a totally different situation than on the national market. This requires an analysis of demand to better understand the expectations of these new consumers, a benchmark of the competition to know its new competitors and a market analysis to be able to know the market or even anticipate its evolution and take advantage of it.

The international perception study is aimed at all companies seeking to find out how foreign consumers welcome its products. Moreover, it allows us to know how foreign consumers feel about the company's brand image in order to adapt it if necessary. Finally, within the framework of a partnership, this makes it possible to evaluate its international relevance and then, thanks to the recommendations proposed by ESCadrille, to rethink it to make it more efficient.

Exporting internationally means offering products or services to a more diversified demand. Thus, it becomes imperative to know customer satisfaction for a given product according to the geographical area in order to adapt as well as possible to the culture of demand.

ESCadrille's international satisfaction study provides relevant recommendations to strengthen your presence on the market and improve customer loyalty.

Case study: a market study with a European dimension

A large group producing vinyl components called on ESCadrille to find out what European companies were asking for for vinyl components. ESCadrille carried out the study in 12 weeks by subcontracting the administration part of the questionnaires to 4 European Junior-Enterprises in its network in order to identify the interest of the companies targeted by the sponsor for the components. This subcontracting made it possible to cover 4 geographical areas :

  • - France, Benelux
  • - Germany, Switzerland, Austria
  • - Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary
  • - Spain, Portugal

Then, ESCadrille analysed the potential forecasts of the demand for components from these companies to provide operational recommendations on the strategy that could be adopted to gain market share in Europe.

Notre force de frappe à l'international

Our international strike force

ESCadrille has a well-developed network of international partners. This asset allows us to carry out studies with an international dimension by carrying out subcontracting phases to our Junior-Enterprise partners when it comes to carrying out a quantitative analysis of the market.

This network of international partners offers ESCadrille a certain reactivity in the realization of studies with an international dimension because our Junior-Enterprise partners are used to working with us.

ESCadrille is a Junior-Enterprise pioneer in the establishment of an international network, as evidenced by the size of its network, and its avant-garde policy has been rewarded many times by JEE with the Most International Junior-Enterprise award. This prize rewards the international strategy of a J.E, i.e. how does it use its network? how does it develop it? and how does it lead it? This prize rewards this J.E. for its willingness to carry out international business, i.e. the number of studies carried out, customer satisfaction following the study and the quality of the final report. This testifies to ESCadrille's expertise in carrying out this more complex type of study.

Case study: an international satisfaction study

As part of a Supplier Rating, a supplier in the aeronautics sector called on ESCadrille to measure its customers' overall satisfaction with the services provided and thus evaluate the effectiveness of its processes. ESCadrille administered questionnaires and conducted semi-directive interviews with airlines to determine the sources of satisfaction and dissatisfaction with the client's services.

The study was spread over 4 months and 5 continents. The conclusion of the study led to operational recommendations that allowed the client to improve his services and gain places in the ranking.

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