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Communication challenges for a company in 2020

Companies are integrated in a more or less broad and competitive environment. In this context, building an effective communication strategy is essential to stand out from the crowd and be seen by prospects.

Today, communication is undergoing a major transformation : the transition to digital. It is now necessary to focus on digital marketing and to transpose your communication on digital media.

If we talk about marketing it is because the issues go beyond simple visibility, simple brand awareness: it is now a question of converting visitors into customers, loyalty, monitoring and control in a world where a simple tweet can degrade your brand image in one day.

All these issues require personalized support.

Construire sa stratégie avec un plan de communication

Build your strategy with a communication plan

Do you want to launch a new product or make your brand known? But you don't know how to develop and execute an effective marketing and communication strategy? First of all, you will have to implement what is called a communication plan that formalizes your communication strategy.

  • - Understand and analyze : we offer an in-depth analysis of your environment in order to identify the main objectives of your communication in addition to its targets.
  • - Plan and create : a detailed action plan is developed and specifies the materials used, you will receive information on the content and form that your messages should take, concrete examples, and you will be made aware of loyalty issues in order to secure your customers.
  • - Communicate and measure : finally, you will be advised on the method to deploy a communication campaign, measure its performance and adapt your publications according to it.

Develop your business online with a website and a digital strategy

Whether to reach new markets and increase sales (e-commerce site) or to develop your communication strategy on the Internet (showcase site) having a website is a real added value, in a world where this medium is gradually becoming a standard.
ESCadrille offers you a complete support in this field :

  • - A communication strategy oriented towards digital media (social networks and site only) ;
  • - A website customized to your activity (and created by a Junior-Enterprise partner specialized in web and communication) ;
  • - A best-practices guide to effectively reference your website (SEO) and/or deploy an online advertising campaign (SEA).

This offer oriented for SMEs and entrepreneurs will allow a complete deployment of your online activity and we offer training for each tool offered.

Développer son activité en ligne avec un site web et une stratégie orientée digital

Professional translation

Exporting or opening your market internationally also means adapting to a new clientele. The translation of reports, contracts or communication content is often a necessary step that can be an obstacle to developing your business internationally. ESCadrille benefits from Toulouse Business School's pool of international students, its partnerships with more than 100 partner universities around the world, and its foreign language training. Our translation consultants can therefore meet your needs in more than 10 languages.

We also offer support for your international development.

Because your performance depends on your notoriety

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