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Booster le lancement de son projet grâce au Business Plan

Launch your activty

You want to launch a product? Maximize your customers' experience? ESCadrille benefits from the necessary skills thanks to the teaching of Toulouse Business School to support you in these issues.

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Booster le lancement de son projet grâce au Business Plan

Identify the opportunities of your market

Are you an entrepreneur? ESCadrille helps you to determine the strategic and financial viability of your project with its Business Plan. This is the starting point before defining a concrete and essential business model to gain credibility in front of investors.

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Booster le lancement de son projet grâce au Business Plan

Grow your activity internationally

Do you want to export yourself abroad? To consolidate your international presence? ESCadrille has a international Junior-Enterprises netword that we are able to mobilize for your project.

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Gagner en performance grâce à la transformation digitale

Increase performance through digital transformation

Are you a very small business or an SME? Do you want to improve your performance? ESCadrille is a Junior-Enterprise of reference in digital issues. We have the expertise to support you in the deployment of online activities.

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Se rendre visible et faire connaître son activité

Develop a communication strategy and gain visibility

You want to reach new consumers? ESCadrille helps you to gain visibility with your customers, stand out from your competitors and take advantage of digital marketing.

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Construire des relations durables avec ses collaborateurs

Building lasting relationships with co-workers

Are you a Key Account? Do you want to build long-term human relationships? ESCadrille supports you in analysing your social climate in order to anticipate social crises and optimize your recruitment actions.

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Benefit from a fresh and critical look at your project.

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