Human Ressources
Human Ressources

An outside perspective is essential to improve your performance, ensure the sustainability of your processes, but also to consolidate a quality social internal well-being.

With more than 40 years of experience, ESCadrille is aware of the new requirements in the field of Human Resources. Indeed, the actual work culture is driven by a new generation of workers looking for a constant search of flexibility, significant mobility and an ever-increasing digital transformation. Aware of these major challenges, ESCadrille offers three HR services to offer an answer to all your management issues.

Social climate study

Social climate study

Who would like to work in a company with a tense social climate ?

With our social climate study, you will obtain a situational analysis of the social condition of your company and will be able to anticipate any social crisis and identify the key elements of progression.

First by establishing an audit of the current social situation.

Then providing you with advices and recommendations aimed to help the company's senior management and human resources department improve its governance, management and conduct.

Recruitment support

Calling on recruitment support means ensuring the performance of your teams and, in the long term, ensuring the performance of your company based on a qualified and united team.

This total support is characterized by the transmission of recruitment process methodologies adapted to your company and your needs. Recruitment steps but also objective criteria using a matrix weighted according to your imperatives, your corporate culture.

Prior to this support, it is possible to request an audit of your current recruitment processes.
Recruitment support

Our methodology


Understanding your needs and define goals


Identification of actual issues and data collect through interviews or questionnaires

Establish cause-and-effect relationships and find the causes of dysfunction


Final report
Drafting a book of recommendations


For management, staff representatives and staff

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Best Junior-Enterprise of France

Awarded by the partners of the Confédération Nationale des Junior-Entreprises (CNJE).
Won in 2015 and 2011.

Junior-Enterprise of the Year

Reward the best Junior-Enterprise of Europe.
Awarded by the partners of the Junior Association for Development in Europe (JADE).
Won in 2016.

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