True core business of ESCadrille,we analyse the needs and expectations of customers through customed studies.

With more than 40 years of activity, ESCadrille has developped an expertise in the Marketing field. Our organization designs innovative methodologies to support you with your projects and the development of strategies which are in line with your needs.
Fortified by this knowledge we deploy a large collection of marketing services in order to answer to all of your issues of development.

Market Study

Market Study

The study of the market in which you want to take root allows you to understand its major stakes in order to assess the reliability of your project. In other words this study is a tool that enable you to answer to the following question : "Should I realize my project and how should I do it ?"

It's also about analysing the competitive environment of your activity and studying the behavior of potential consumers, as many as essential stages to integrate yourself onto a market and to optimize the chances of success.

Location Study

Carry out a location study is to make sure of the relevance of a geographical location.

It starts with an analysis of your project and the strengths and weaknesses of aimed geographical areas, especially by studying socio-economic data, the potential customer catchment area, or even by assessing the actors that are going to have a competitive impact on your future business. Therefore, this study allows to define an optimal location area to develop your project and insure your longevity.
Location Study

Project Launch Study

Project Launch Study

To undertake you need to have previously considered several parameters that will decide on the success of your project.

By combining a market study and a business plan we offer you a complete support to understand these factors, and to give you the keys to set up your business. The goal of this study is consequently to assess the marketing reliability of your project, to analyse its operational feasibility and its potential profitability.

Satisfaction Survey

The satisfaction survey aims to measure the customers satisfaction related to your products and your services.

The stake of such a study is to understand the expectations of the consumers but also to identify the sources of displeasure in order to fix them and the causes of great annoyance to improve them.

Finally, this study allows you to adapt your offer and optimize your communication to improve your customer loyalty afterwards.
Satisfaction Survey

Our methodology


We define the goals


We think of a customed methodology

Ground Stage
Collection of data and information


Analysis Stage
Analysis of the data and operational recommendations


Final Report
Have a written and digital deliverable

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