Digital Strategy
Digital Strategy

At the center of every business, digital is nowadays the real challenge of this century. The experience ESCadrille has in this field is a token of quality for your project.

Digital is central to the businesses strategy. Indeed, it increases the opportunities to gain visibility. However, the digitalisation of your business is not so obvious to be set up because of its complexity. Therefore we offer you services in order to improve your SEO (search engine optimisation) and to support your digital transformation.

Search Engine Optimisation Study

Search Engine Optimisation Study

What's the use of having a website that isn't visited ?

Thanks to our support in SEM (Search Engine Marketing), you will increase your visibility on the internet.

First, by improving the quality of your source code in order to have a better SEO (Search Engine Optimization).Then by defining a better strategy on Adwords to increase the amount of customers depending on the searching key-words used, in their browser with a SEA (Search Engine Advertising) strategy.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is about the experience of your employees as much as these of your customers.

We offer you a customed support in order to implement at the heart of your process the last technologies, to manage in a better way the flow of information.

On your customer's side we offer to rethink completely your digital platforms. It'll allow you to have a better design that improve the customer experience.
Digital Transformation

Our methodology


Probing of your needs


We think of a customed methodology

Analysis Stage
We analyse the website and your customer base


Final Report
We write a book of advices

Our References

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