An outside look is essential to improve your performances, but also to insure the lengevity of your process.

ESCadrille Toulouse Junior Conseil has an Audit & Quality department and dedicated to the functions of monitoring and control of the activity. Members of this department are trained to the audit methodologies and monitoring of performance. Project managers that are certified "Auditeurs-conseils" by the Confédération Nationale des Juniors-Entreprises can support you with audit services.

Mystery Visits

A mystery visit allow to assess the quality of your business services such as the accessbility of points of sale, their cleanliness, the relations with customers, seller's arguments...

It takes the shape of a visit in a selling location by a false customer to measure the quality of your services and the reception.

In relation to the data gathered and then analyzed you'll receive recommendations to offer to your customers a more completeservice than your competitors.
Visites mystères

Our methodology


We define the goals


We draw up the visit scripts and evaluation grids

Ground Stage
We carry out the mystery visits


Analysis Stage
We analyse your strengths and weaknesses


Final report
Overview of our analysis

Our References

Junior-Enterprise of the Year

Reward the best Junior-Enterprise of Europe.
Awarded by the partners of the Junior Association for Development in Europe (JADE).
Won in 2016.

Best Junior-Enterprise of France

Awarded by the partners of the Confédération Nationale des Junior-Entreprises (CNJE).
Won in 2015 and 2011.

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