Rewards List

ESCadrille is taking part to some awards which can be seen to a mean to be confronted to the excellence and to the best Junior-Enterprises of the mouvement.

Awards, a token of excellence

Taking part to awards which jury's members are the companies BNP Paribas, EY and Engie and competeting to well-known Junior-Enteprises as Junior CentraleSupélec, ENSAE Junior Etude or Junior ESSEC requires qualities such as rigor, skills as expertise and experience.

ESCadrille's rewards list guarantees a level of quality that is reinvested in our reports in addition of being a token of its sense of rigor, expertise and its excellence. For ESCadrille the hardest is not reaching the excellence but being able to stay at the top.

palmares excellence

Our rewards list in a blink of an eye


Excellence Award


Excellence Award


J.E. of the Year


Most International J.E.


Award for the Best Consulting Study


Award for the Best Entrepreneur's Supporting


Award for the Best Communication Strategy


Alumni Award


Most Socially Responsible J.E.


Most Entrepreneurial J.E.


Best business approach award

Our References

Excellence Award

The Excellence Award is attributed by the CNJE to the best French Junior-Enterprise each year. In order to get the prestige of being rewarded by such an award each Junior-Entreprise has to be prepared to three trials.
The first one is the publication of a Roadmap which synthetizes the Junior-Entreprise's activity during the year. That is to say its studies, its processes and its innovations.
The second one is a diagnostic done by CNJE's partners namely BNP Paribas, Alten and EY who are coming in each Junior-Enterprise selected after the first trial in order to assess its processus, its commercial performances and the quality of the studies realized.
Finally, finalists are welcomed in the EY's headquarters in Paris in order to present why their Junior-Enterprise can be rewarded for being the best this year.

Awards from the CNJE

The National Confederation of the Junior-Enterprises represents and manages French biggest associative movement. Among its missions CNJE organises Awards decerned by a jury composed of professionals. We can distinguish the commercial, the entrepreneurial, about the communication strategy and the alumni network :
The Best Consuliting Study rewards the Junior-Entreprise which has realized the best study of the year. Are assessed the quality of the reccomandations, the approach proposed regarding the client's problematic and the ablity for the students to go out from their comfort zone. That is to say realizing a study in a leading edge sector.
The Best Accompaniement of Entrepreneurs rewards students regarding the accuracy of their politic aiming to get closer from the leaders of the entrepreneurial sector but also the quality and the profesionalism of the Junior-Entreprise in the accompanying of the entrepneurs and the strategy to attract them.
The Best Communication Strategy rewards the Junior-Entreprise which has set the best strategy in order to promote its image towards the actors and leaders issued from the economical fabric at the regional, national and even international scale.
The Alumni Award rewards students who have been able to seek profit of their alumni network and animating it with projects and applying best practices learnt from them.

Awards from the JEE

JEE is the organism which gathers all the European Junior-Entreprises. Each year the JEE rewards the best Junior-Entreprise with different awards as Junior-Entreprise of the Year or Most International J.E. :
Junior-Entreprise of the Year rewards the best European Junior-Entreprise. Each participant must present a Roadmap synthetising the commecial strategy, its assets and the quality of its processes.
Most International J.E. rewards the Junor-Entreprise which has known how to set up the best international strategy. That is to say how it seeks profit of its network, how it mobilizes it and how it perceives its evolution.