Our Assets

ESCadrille's strenght can be found in its international network and its records list within the Junior-Enterprises and its experience.

Un réseau international

These last few years ESCadrille has been a pioneer in International Development among the Junior-Enterprises. Our pole dedicated to International Development has for aim animating our international network that we have built namely J7.

J7 is composed of 7 well-known European Junior-Enterprises which are collaborating in order to realize business studies integrating an European scale. For instance, we were able to realize for a corporation quantitative reseraches on the whole European territory thanks to our partners. Our European and international partnerships enable us to exchange the best practices in order to reach the excellence and being perceived as a Junior-Entreprise with an international identity.

Since 2017 ESCadrille is pushing back its frontiers because we have opened a local branch on Toulouse Business School's Campus located in Barcelona. Fortified by this asset we are able to propsect on the Catalan market and are even more competent to realize studies on this market for our clients. Plus, our Business Developers in Barcelona are oftenly doing Business Intelligence on the Spanish market's trends in order to answer for the best to our clients' problematic by reinforcing our knowledge.

ESCadrille Barcelona

Our international network

Above, the members of the J7 international network (in yellow on the map), in which we're taking part.
Le réseau international d'ESCadrille Toulouse Junior Conseil

Une Junior-Entreprise forte de 40 ans d'expérience

ESCadrille benefits from 40 years which bring us experience, a savoir-faire and a strong network.

It is one of the Toulouse Business School's oldest association and among the Junior-Enterprises of the movement. Thus, this enables us to gain in experience in each sector because the Junior can rely on the advises and the professional experience from our former students who compose our alumni network.

Our expertise is rich thanks to the number of clients who have subscribed to our services in order that we accompany them to set up their project. From the variety and the specificities of the problematics encountered we are able to answer to any demand.

These 40 years have enabled us to set up a real accompanying thought to adapt to any kind of problematic. Our methodology guarantees a monitoring and a level of quality of the study conformed with the standards imposed by ISO9001. A real token of quality backed at the international scale by the biggests companies.

Finally, our network enables us to be supported by our teachers within our business school namely Toulouse Business School and reach the recognition from professionals that we have accompanied and who don't hesitate to come back with us. This asset enables us to gain experiences in order to bring the bests advices and recommandations to our clients' problematics.