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Robotics : an industry of the future

Considered as a General Purpose Technology namely as a technologic tool which impact can potentially affect and modify completely a whole economy. Thus, Robotics is bound to be the sector of the future.
One can observe this dynamism of robotics for the industry or services purpose by the development of new markets which are leaded by efficient R&D centers and a fabric of breaking through start ups. Thus, we have decided to set a BU "Robotics" in order to perfectly answer to each demand from our clients.

Robotics : an industry of the future

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ESCadrille's skills came from a rich experience acquires thanks to the realization of various studies and during which we have developped whole methodologies which legitimate the quality of our production. Whatever it has been for deep documentary researches or qualitative appointment with specialists from the sector we have acquiered a gobal and precise vision of the market and its different segments.
These studies have also been the opportunity to realize a global benchmark of the market of profesional drones and its reglementations for a french corporation. In addition, we have studied the viability of innovative entrepreunarial projects such as the use of a chatbox technology for services in CSR advisement or the setting up of an activity of dronevertising. As much as symbols of the capacity for ESCadrille to accompany you in this evolving sector.

The goals


Documentary Research
The first step is to find untrated informations on the case study thanks to online ressources our database or specialized reviews.


Data analysis
The next step is to select the most relevant informations on the topic of the Business Unit and regrouping them in order to find an axis of reflexion.


Production of a file
The BU is a document which is used as a documentation to our consultants during their work as it offers an accurate and synthetical vision regarding a sector for ESCadrille's online visitors. Thus it convienes in this last step to manage the ressources in order to ease the utilisator's experience

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