Construction & Real Estate

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A positive context with new challenges

During the first semester of 2017, there were 921.000 property sales namely 12.5% more than over the whole 2016 year. Thus, the recovery of the building sector outlined in 2016 is confirmed. In fact, during the year demand for housing has remained important thanks to the success of Pinel's plan in order to support locative investment and the influx of first-time buyer seduced by the low level of the interest rate and the PTZ+.
Even if the context seems favorable, we have to consider the sector as matching with the current issues of the market namely connected housing, modular housing and ecological housing. Thus, in order to help our clients to understand this evolving sector that we have created the Business Unit "Construction & Real Estate".

Construction & Real Estate
A positive context with new challenges

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The developement of a whole Business Unit dedicated to the building and the urban construction market is not the result of chance. We have opted to capitalize on an important number of case studies realized for the most important sector's name namely Vinci, Saint-Gobain and Labéo and which led us to acquire a recognized experience.
We aim at capitalize our knowledges and the members of this BU oftenly take the pouls of the market in order to put at disposition of our consultants current and precise informations.
This activity of research couple to our experience legitimate our expertise in this sector and our ability to accompany you in your different projects.

The goals


Documentary Research
The first step is to find untrated informations on the case study thanks to online ressources our database or specialized reviews.


Data analysis
The next step is to select the most relevant informations on the topic of the Business Unit and regrouping them in order to find an axis of reflexion.


Production of a file
The BU is a document which is used as a documentation to our consultants during their work as it offers an accurate and synthetical vision regarding a sector for ESCadrille's online visitors. Thus it convienes in this last step to manage the ressources in order to ease the utilisator's experience

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