Aeronautics & Aerospace

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An historic industry with many barriers

The marked presence of the aeronautic industry in the business activity area of Toulouse, linked to the establishment of world leaders such as Airbus, Safran, or even Dassault, has always driven ESCadrille to growth its expertise in this field.
Added to this there are new issues that come and disrupt the industry, and this emphazise our will to develop this specialisation.The Business-Unit "Aeronautics & Aerospace" aims to maintain this knowledge connected to the continuous evolution of the industry and to bring better solutions to our customers, based on a real expertise.

Aeronautics & Aerospace
An historic industry with many barriers

ESCadrille support you to solve your issues

For several years, ESCadrille has developped its experience in the aerospatial and aeronautic industry by leading projects for the biggest leaders in the industry (Zodias Aerospace, Airbus...). These tasks have been the opportunity to adapt our methodologies to the complexity of the studied industries in order to perfectly answer to the issues of our partners and customers.
Therefore we have created a new innovative service : Traffic Study, allowing big airport groups to analyze the efficiency of its multinational network. This will to improve our skills in this industry led us to do a vast Market Study in order to define a spatial tourism offer and probe its attractiveness.
Diversity of our works led us to acquire a specific know-how in this industry to support you in different projects.

The goals


Documentary Research
The first step is to find untrated informations on the case study thanks to online ressources our database or specialized reviews.


Data analysis
The next step is to select the most relevant informations on the topic of the Business Unit and regrouping them in order to find an axis of reflexion.


Production of a file
The BU is a document which is used as a documentation to our consultants during their work as it offers an accurate and synthetical vision regarding a sector for ESCadrille's online visitors. Thus it convienes in this last step to manage the ressources in order to ease the utilisator's experience

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