ESCadrille becomes President of the J7


While today many JE bet on the international stage to grow, ESCadrille was a pioneer in launching an international development strategy as we are a partner of the European Junior Enterprise Network for 28 years. Indeed, we are very involved in the movement : we hosted the Junior Enterprise Europe Spring Conference of 2012, and we also participated to the Junior Enterprise World Conference in 2018. The international dimension is part of ESCadrille’s DNA : the whole team prepares every year 2 awards for the Junior Enterprise Europe Winter Conference and then flies over to pitch in favor of its application but also to animate or participate to workshops.

The international scale as a new horizon for ESCadrille

ESCadrille is today for sure the most international JE of the French network, due to an important strategy established back in 2011 that enabled to win the first international award by a French commercial Junior Enterprise. ESCadrille has quickly succeeded in becoming a reference concerning the international development, thanks to the many partnerships it has created and reinforced over the years with the best foreign Junior-Enterprises. The former 2018 International Manager of ESCadrille, Sophia Yahyai, took part in the European Confederation of Junior Enterprises, called the Junior Enterprise Europe. Indeed, she worked as Partnership Manager and therefore helped reinforcing the network of the institution by negotiating and signing new partners and, most importantly, by accompanying other structures in their creation and development.


“During my tenure at ESCadrille I had the opportunity to be fully involved in the international development of my JE. I was able to discover an incredible movement and my passion for this world of JEs pushed me to invest myself in Junior-Enterprises Europe (formerly JADE). As a Partnership Manager at the JEE, I was able to work with European Junior-Entrepreneurs, discover the strength of our network and get involved in very impactful projects. I have a great memory of this experience and especially the chance to share my passion with European colleagues. It is thanks to this kind of experience that you really realize what you can be capable of by working together, in solidarity and learning from each other.”

The ground-breaking international policy of ESCadrille has been largely rewarded over the years, in particular by the JEE with the Most International Junior Enterprise Award. This award congratulates a JE for its willingness to realise international business through quantitative criterias such as the number of foreign studies done, the satisfaction of the client related to the project and the quality of the final report. That is a proof of the expertise of ESCadrille in the accomplishment of that kind of complex project that takes place on multiple territories. Also, ESCadrille has been considered Best Junior Enterprise in 2016 and is once again in the finale of this same award for 2020 which is a testimony of ESCadrille’s values that lead it towards excellence: constant innovation, agility, quality and, of course, expertise.

Why does the exclusive entity that represents the J7 constitute a valuable asset?

Today, ESCadrille counts 8 international JE partners: eJoventut, JED Consulting , CCT, JEME Bocconi Studenti, LSM Conseil, Conquest, Junior Entreprise Genève, WBC. Among them, the last six are members of the J7 - Junior Seven, a restrictive network of 7 famous European JE that was created in 2018. The goal of the J7 is to create a platform bringing together the 7 best Junior-Enterprises in Europe in order to respond to calls for offers and carry out projects together. In October, ESCadrille has been chosen to be the new President of the J7, after the CCT, thanks to its 3-year strategy that has convinced our partners. In order to achieve our vision, we have recently published a teaser, used to present our Junior-Enterprises and the services we can offer to potential clients, we have launched last week the official website and we have published our teaser.

In practice, these teams met during international congresses where they had the opportunity to organise workshops together or also to pitch for award winning and, in the last case, through collaboration on ambitious projects that required sub-contracting phases abroad. In addition to the strictly professional relationship that was developed with various business projects, the Junior Enterprises traditionally organise to meet physically at least once a year during the Junior Enterprise Europe Winter Conference, that gathers about 400 participants. ESCadrille proposes also very regular calls but, most importantly, exchanges weekends with its partners. Those weekends allow us to share our best-practices, to continually think through and ameliorate our cooperation through team buildings and obviously to tie the knot to guarantee a functional working relationship. For example, in 2019, the Polish JE Conquest visited ESCadrille in Toulouse to share our experiences. Indeed, this group represents an asset as it allows us to realise studies of international dimension by organising sub-contracting phases to our JE partners. That international network offers to ESCadrille the ability to be reactive in realising international projects because those Junior Enterprises are used to work with us so we gain on efficiency in the process. Bringing together 7 Junior Enterprises gathers about 300 students from the top 100 European Schools and Universities and therefore ensures a quality label. Moreover, we shouldn’t undermine the huge common network it represents through alumni of each school, or students on other campuses abroad who we are frequently collaborating with for our studies, the J7 is now able to reach more than 150 000 people. We can also extend our professional partners network : indeed, each JE is mentored by huge companies such as Alten, Microsoft, EY, KPMG, Amaris, Capgemini, Deloitte…They give us formations that we can share within the J7 to gain new skills, perspectives and working methods.

How to turn this immense potential into a concrete and operational service for clients?

Our services are specially designed for two distinct types of clients: First, the international companies. Indeed, each Junior Enterprise of the Junior 7 group already had the opportunity to work with a key account. Among our former clients, we can mention: L’Oréal, Siemens, Hermes, Google…those firms are present in the whole world and need to study the various markets in which they are involved. Those global brands therefore need to appeal to junior consulting firms that are able to provide them with a unique final report that takes into account information and data from several territories, in order to make business development recommendations. Our advantages as juniors are our creativity and the innovative solutions we can find for our clients but also our knowledge of the current trends. We are also known for being perfectly trained: our professors are also researchers, so they tutor us on the most recent and effective working methods or tools currently available on the market. The other kind of client that would be attracted to the J7’s services is more of a SME or a start-up that is already considered as successful on a national scale and wishes to extend its activities : either for relocation, implementation of a potential subsidiary or exportation of their products abroad, those companies need to study and compare their diverse opportunities. They therefore need experts to advise them on the most promising location for their business activities. Particularly in that case, the projects most often represent a huge bet for the company, and they feel more comfortable working with junior consulting firms as we are known for our flexibility. This represents a key word to us as we really build a relationship based on trust and sincere care with our clients through attentive listening of their needs and worries.

At the end of the day, ESCadrille’s strategy has already largely paid off, but it will keep improving in the years to come, thanks to the J7 in particular that now allows us to provide solutions to complex international projects.